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  • Inforum reserves the right to change start dates, courses, curricula and timetables of any program at any time.
  • All prices are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.
  • Inforum is closed on Public Holidays and Inforum holidays as shown in the school calendar. No lessons or refund for the lessons normally taught are offered for those days.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, terror attack, epidemic or pandemic, government order, or Act of God, Inforum may change the terms and conditions without notice in the interests of student and staff well-being.
  • Students have to read and understand the Student Handbook and Inforum’s terms and conditions. The Student Handbook can be downloaded at www.inforum.com.au. We will go through the handbook during the orientation.
  • The student agrees to inform Inforum of their new address and contact details if these details change during their study at Inforum.
  • Any photos or movie footage taken at Inforum or by Inforum staff will remain the property of Inforum and may be used in the production of materials for promotional use.


The information you provided in the application form will be used to process your enrolment at Inforum. Inforum is not permitted or authorized to give this information to anyone unless requested by law. It may be made available to Australian Immigration and education authorities in connection with your visa, as required by the National Code and the ESOS Act, and may also include representatives of the Tuition Protection Service and the ESOS Fund Manager. Inforum is not permitted to give out staff information or contact details.


The applicant, by signing the application, agrees that Inforum is committed to providing a safe environment for its clients; however, Inforum is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, death or injury which students may suffer or cause as a result of / in connection with or during the period of attendance at any premises operated by Inforum or/and at any activities organised or acknowledged by Inforum. All students are responsible for their own belongings and wellbeing.


  • You can transfer your course to another course offered at Inforum according to your English level and visa conditions.
  • Any fees paid to Inforum are not transferable to another person or institution.


A refund which meets the conditions listed below will be paid within 4 weeks of Inforum receiving written notification. The refund will be paid to the person who has signed the application(s) in Australian Dollars. If you enrolled through an agent, and the fee was paid by the agent on your behalf, the refund will be made to the agent. To request a refund, apply in writing to the Managing Director, Inforum Education Australia, clearly stating your reasons for the refund. Your request can be sent directly to the school or via your agent.

You cannot cancel if

  • You cancel after your original start date.
  • You are expelled by Inforum for unacceptable behaviour, unlawful activity or non-compliance with visa conditions.
  • You have a day off because you are sick and cannot come to the school.
  • You need to return home. The remainder of your program may be deferred and the fees will be held for up to one year.
  • Inforum is forced to temporarily close, after your original start date, in the event of a natural disaster, terror attack, epidemic or pandemic, government order, or Act of God. However, the college will do all in its power to provide other means of instruction, such as online delivery.

You can cancel if 

you meet the conditions below. You (or your legal guardian if you are under 18) can cancel your program at Inforum after paying the cancellation fee.

Tuition Cancellation fee
You cancel 4 weeks or more before your original start date
You cancel less than 4 weeks before your original start date
Your entry is denied at an Australian airport for unlawful activity or non-compliance with visa conditions
Inforum cannot deliver a course in full. (We will give you a choice to move to another school nearby if this happened.)
When a special promotion is offered with specific cancellation conditions, those conditions will apply.
Specified in the promotional flyer
You are in Inforum’s Pathway Program with a higher education provider, and have met the English requirements to go to the higher Education Provider. The student will have to present the offer of enrolment from the institution and provide the proof of English proficiency test result. The program the student is transferring into must not have an ELICOS component.
30% of the unused tuition fee
Homestay Cancellation fee
You cancel 4 weeks or more before your original start date
You cancel less than 4 weeks before your original start date
You cancel after your school start date
If you are under 18 years old and your parent cancels less than 4 weeks before your original start date
The Bunk Hostel Cancellation fee
You cancel 2 weeks before your original start date
You cancel less than 2 weeks before your original start date
$110 + 1 week’s fee
You cancel after check-in day
$110 + 2 weeks’ room fee
Airport Transfer Cancellation fee
If you cancel 48 hours or more before your scheduled pick-up time.
Childcare or local school placement Cancellation fee
If you cancel 3 months before your original start date



  • Minimum length of stay is one week. If you are staying for less than 1 week, you will pay one week’s accommodation fee.
  • If your host family is not providing you with a good environment to stay or meals and clean room for you, we will
  1. Talk to the host family to fix the problem; and,
  2. If the problem is not solved, we will transfer you to another host family.


Student Residence

  • Inforum is not operating Student Residence in 2023; we have outsourced residence operation to The Bunk Hostel.
  • When payment is not received 2 weeks before your check-in date, your booking will be cancelled without notice.


Inforum Students’ Booking Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your booking until 1 week before your arrival.   

If you cancel within 7 days of your check-in day, you will have to pay $65.

Refund Policy

After check-in, if you want to cancel your stay, you will have to give 1 week’s notice or pay 1 week penalty.

Payment Options

Please pay Inforum your accommodation fee at the latest 2 weeks before your check-in day.  If you don’t pay, your booking will be automatically cancelled.

If you want to extend your booking, please extend at the Bunk reception, and pay at that time.   

Peak Periods

From 16 December 2023 to 16 January 2024


Bunk staff will ask you to show your photo ID anytime during your stay to confirm:

  • You are a registered guest.
  • You have the right of entry to any part of the property such as the swimming pool.
  • You are eligible to buy and/or drink alcohol.

Other Policies

For the safety of guests, Bunk Surfers Paradise has a strict, No Visitors policy. This applies to any guest area throughout the property. Management has the right to refuse entry to anyone at any time.  

Bunk Surfers Paradise is a non-smoking hostel.  You cannot smoke anywhere on the property.


  • Please notify Inforum of your arrival details at least 72 hours before your arrival. When arrival details are given less than 72 hours, we may not organise your transfer.
  • 1 x hand luggage and 1 x suitcase under 25kgs are included in the fare. Extra luggage or oversized luggage (for example, a bike, surfboard) will be charged extra.  Please contact us if you have such luggage.


Together with the terms and conditions listed above, a student on a Student Visa has additional conditions.

  • While on a student visa, you have to attend your class according to your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).
  • When your course details such as start date, length, or course itself change, we will modify the CoE. The first alteration will be done free of charge.
  • You must attend more than 80% of your classes.
  • If a student’s visa application has been denied, a full refund less cancellation fee of $245 + accommodation cancellation fee of $250 will be given, provided Inforum receives from the applicant written proof issued by the Australian Embassy or Immigration.
  • When you apply for a course of 25 weeks or longer, under the National Code, your course fee will be divided into two instalments as shown in the invoice. However, you or the person paying the tuition fee on your behalf has a choice of paying the whole amount upfront if you wish to do so.
  • When you are on an instalment plan, you agree to provide us with the details of your bank account in Australia, and a credit card. If you are late with your payment, a late fee of $300 will apply.


The Australian Government’s Tuition Protection Service (TPS)

  • In the unlikely event of Inforum becoming insolvent, TPS will assist you to be placed in a suitable alternative course, or if this is not possible, you may be eligible for a refund through TPS. Please refer to https://tps.gov.au/ for more information.
  • Your tuition fee is shown as “Total Tuition Fee” in your invoice.


Transferring to another school

Under the National Code Standard 7, if you are on a student visa, you can cancel Inforum and transfer to another school if you meet all of the following conditions. On receiving the request, Inforum will grant the transfer only if:

  1. You’ve completed six calendar months of your principal course at Inforum. Principal course is the main course of study to be taken by you.
  • Example 1. If you enrolled in General English only, 6 months of General English must be completed.
  • Example 2. If you have more than one course, such as General English and IELTS Exam Preparation course, the IELTS Exam Preparation is the principal course, therefore you must complete 6 months of IELTS Exam Preparation.
  1. You’ve lodged a written request to Inforum together with an offer letter from another school. (If the student is under the age of 18, the written request must be signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian.)
  2. Inforum agrees the transfer is in the student’s best interests. For example, it is not in your best interests if you cease your English course and transfer to a VET or Higher Education program without sufficient English proficiency.

Inforum may make an exception to this transfer policy, if:

  1. We are unable to deliver the course offered in the acceptance letter;
  2. There is evidence of compassionate or compelling circumstances;
  3. The student is unable to achieve satisfactory course progress at the level they are studying provided that the student is engaging with the intervention strategy to assist their progress, and/or not intentionally failing; or,
  4. There is evidence that the student was misled by Inforum.

Once the transfer request is granted, Inforum will notify the student (by email) and the Provider Registration International Students Management System (PRISMS); the student will have to contact the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to seek advice on whether a new student visa is required.

If the student’s request for a transfer is denied, the student can appeal Inforum’s decision in writing within 20 working days of Inforum’s decision being made.

This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws. The registered provider’s dispute resolution processes do not circumscribe the student’s right to pursue other legal remedies. In the case of provider default, students are protected by the provisions of the ESOS Act and Regulations.