Our name, our philosophy

In ancient Rome, the “forum” was a meeting place where people came together to exchange ideas, learn new skills and trade. The communication was vibrant, challenging and there would sometimes be disagreements but it was all done in an environment and spirit that encouraged the free-flow of thoughts. Everyone had something to contribute, which in the end, would benefit the society they lived in. After spending time at the forum, people would return to their hometowns and villages enriched by what they had learnt and maybe a little more tolerant of others whose ideas were different but just as relevant and important as their own.

To study with us is to be “In + Forum”. We are a college where students learn English language skills from our amazing staff, while experiencing the highest quality services. We are committed to every student reaching their full potential and we seek to exceed the expectations of our clients. Communication is two-way so students do not sit in a class and passively wait for information to come to them. They are constantly challenged to express their ideas in a supportive and communicative environment.

Students are expected to speak English at all times because just like in the ancient forum, exchanging new ideas and making new friends can’t occur if you just hang around with those who speak your own language. By taking risks and making friends from other cultures, our students are using the English language to bridge differences and make friends that last a lifetime, across borders and continents - they are the new global citizens.