They are all winners,Inforum played soccer against another team with some fancy foot work, team playing and great skill .It was all about fast fun and plenty of laughs, cheering and a great B.B.Q after the game.

dsc_0010.JPG dsc_0024.JPG dsc_0043.JPG dsc_0080.JPG dsc_0086.JPG dsc_0103.JPG dsc_0105.JPG dsc_0107.jpg dsc_0126.JPG dsc_0135.JPG dsc_0143.JPG dsc_0154.JPG dsc_0156.JPG dsc_0172.JPG dsc_0202.JPG dsc_0205.JPG dsc_0219.jpg dsc_0412.JPG dsc_0417.JPG dsc_0023.JPG

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