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What Upper B Did Last Week

Week three was review week at Inforum, which means we all looked back at what we had learnt in weeks one and two.

For Upper B, this meant a review of modules nine to twelve. Firstly, looking at careers and studying, we focused on conditionals vocabulary associated with peoples working lives.

Then on Wednesday, a look at socializing and celebrations included the future perfect. By the time Upper B finish their course, they will have mastered this difficult verb tense. This module also included question tags, didn’t it? Tuesday also included a practice FCE test to everyone help prepare for the final exam in week six.

Thursday kicked off with some lessons relating to transport and travel. The lesson most students found interesting was emphatic structures and it was quite a challenge. We also had look at some uncountable nouns.

Upper B ended the week on module twelve, discussing health and medicine. The vocab on body parts raised a few eyebrows and you can tell your friends that we had a great time learning how to pass on messages.

Next week we are all back to regular classes, so have an awesome weekend everyone.