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What Upper A Did Last Week

Well here we go for term two, and for Upper A is was an exciting week, a new book, new teachers and a new level but, luckily for most, many familiar faces.

Upper A’s first week is all about entertainment and sightseeing, so the vocabulary lessons were great for talking about going to the movies, going to museums and appreciating fine art and even celebrating carnivals and events.

Interestingly, one of our incredibly amazing and extremely well executed grammar lessons was, you guessed it, Adverbs and Adjectives and our ‘future forms’ lessons is bound to be of great use to many students and likely to be used again and again in the future.

There were a few surprises when we spoke about sightseeing. In a competition to see who has been to the most interesting travel destination, it was revealed that one of our students has been to the Arctic circle to see the Northern Lights, something which left us all a little envious, however, there were many other great travel stories as well.

Upper A is also the time we turn our focus to social media, as we start a journey towards a challenging yet extremely rewarding finale, The Upper A Social Media Charity Presentations, where one team will win $150 for their charity. It’s always an exciting time both the teachers and the students and always brings out the best in everyone.

So buckle up everyone and enjoy the ride, it’s going to be a great semester.