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What Upper A Did Last Week

Thursdays come and Thursdays go and now, another Thursday has disappeared. “Where did it go?” you may ask. Perhaps it was stolen by our awesome Upper Intermediate A students because today’s lesson was all about crime and punishment.

Today we discussed many different types of crime in the community and the ways people in different situations are caught and punished for their crimes against society.

“Really? So, how did you do that?” you may be wondering. Well if, you haven’t already guessed, ‘prepositional phrases’ played a big part in our lessons today as well as ‘Comments and Questions’ for responding to stories.

Also, it must have been a lot of fun doing modals of certainty because there was quite a bit of laughter in the room. It could have been a boring lesson but these students have a passion for learning and it was actually a lot of fun which must be a relief for students about to start Upper A next semester.

Finally, interest in English increased sharply after lunch as we discussed trends and statistics and this resulted in higher than expected levels of enthusiasm until 3.20 pm when there was sudden fall of 100% in classroom attendance. It seems there may have been a link between the sudden rush for the door and need to practice for the upcoming Upper Int Charity presentations.

Good luck everyone.