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What Pre-Intermediate Did This Week

This week we explored a topic which is always very popular… food! We started out by discussing different types of restaurants and on the way practised using lots of useful vocabulary.
This was a great opportunity to practice grammar points such as the Present Perfect Simple (E.g. “Have you ever eaten something disgusting?”) and uses of too / not … enough (E.g. “Thai curry is delicious, but sometimes it’s too spicy” / “I don’t eat enough vegetables. I should eat more!”).
Of course, if you are in a restaurant, you should use polite language too. For this reason we also practiced using expressions for offers, requests, permission and suggestions (E.g. “Do you want to see the desert menu?” => “Would you like to see the dessert menu?”)
We also talked about jobs and working. We studied lots of useful language for talking about jobs (E.g. “I work in advertising and marketing.”) and explored grammar for expressing plans and wishes for the future (E.g. “I’m thinking of studying engineering at university, but it looks very difficult.”).
To finish off the week we looked at a grammar point which is sometimes a bit tricky, but very useful for talking about your day at work or college. That was the Past Continuous with the Past Simple. Using our fictional character ‘Bob’, we practiced this grammar by inventing our own stories about ‘Bob’s night out’. Some of the great examples we came up with included… “Bob was doing his homework when his friend called.” / “While Bob was dancing in the nightclub, he dropped his wallet.”
We’re all looking forward to next week!