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What Pre-Intermediate B did today (25 May 2020)

What Pre-Intermediate B did today (25 May 2020)

Hi I’m Shane and I’m a teacher here at Inforum Education on the Gold Coast in Australia. Today I taught Pre-intermediate B and we did a lesson on Science and Nature Unit 11 and first up we talked about the weather.

We learnt lots of vocabulary describing the weather such as boiling which means very hot, freezing which means very cold and a few other words as well. Such as a breeze and windy, and we got to have a discussion using them about typical weather from the students’ countries. Also, we discussed and responded to new stories that we saw on the internet or in different newspapers and magazines. Then we learnt how to respond to news we hadn’t seen before.

Also we talked about animals and there was a wide range of animals from farm animals to pets and the students got to discuss which animals were their favourites. Which animals make the best pet, and finally we looked at ways to tell better stories using the past perfect tense. So an example of the past perfect tense would be ‘I was scared because I had seen a shark.’

I found overall everyone did a fantastic job telling stories. It is difficult to use this tense, but remember it makes your your stories more exciting.

So please practice and I look forward to seeing you in class again soon.

Thank you.