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What Pre B did last week.

Hold the phone everyone, it’s time to check in Pre-Intermediate B and see what they have been up to this week.

It’s week four of the semester and that means it’s time to learn about Movie Culture and Stuff. When you have finished work, you might like to check with one of our awesome students about what’s hot and what’s not, in the world of movies because now they can speak about different types of movies and other forms of entertainment, with confidence.

If you are really lucky, they might even teach you the “E.D and I.N.G. adjective song so that you know the different between excited and exciting. Then, the truly amazing students from Pre-Intermediate B learned all about those interesting things called ‘Noun Phrases’.

So what about stuff, I hear you ask. In the second half of the week we learn about all sorts of stuff. Like the stuff you find in your house, the stuff you use every day and the stuff you need when you move into a new apartment.

The ‘Relative Clauses’ lesson which is in module fourteen was next. However, the students who are in Pre B, found it was quite an interesting and valuable tool that they can use in the upcoming speaking exams which are in week six.

Finally, we learned how to explain where stuff is, using prepositions. So sit on your chair which is next to your desk, grab your phone from on your desk and kick the cat from under the desk and enjoy your weekend.

Cheers from Pre B.