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What Pre A Did Last Week

It was an action-packed week at Inforum Education on the (not so) sunny Gold Coast!
It was the last week of this terms English course which meant that nerves were running high at the beginning of the week due to Thursday’s exam.
“If I pass the test, I will be in Pre-Intermediate B next week!” stated one of our Pre-Intermediate A students, showing perfect use of the first conditional grammar which we’d been learning. The first few days were spent reviewing all the grammar and vocabulary points which we covered in the previous two weeks. In these units we spoke a lot about friends, family and describing places. It was lovely to hear students using their new vocabulary to tell their classmates about their hometown! We have students from such a wide array of places at this English language school!
Come Thursday everyone was a little nervous, but they all got through it and now can enjoy the challenge of Pre-Intermediate B.
Our last day as a class was spent doing some communicative activities in the morning. We also learnt the macarena from one of our Spanish students! Then we joined with our friends in Pre-Intermediate A1 and shared a joint lunch where each student brought a dish from their home country. Yum!