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What IELTS did this week

This week in the IELTS class our themes revolved around ‘science and space’.  We started off discussing different science disciplines and then moved on to a reading and summarising task about incredible scientific developments.

This lead us into our next IELTS reading task about the KT Event (a meteorite strike that hit the Earth 65 million years ago) and whether it was the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs or not.  This was a great way to practice some of the skills needed to answer ‘summary completion’ tasks in the IELTS.  It was also an excellent reason to practice some ‘cause & result’ functions, which are extremely useful for IELTS Speaking and Writing tasks.  For example: “As a result of the combination of the KT Event, volcanic activity and climate change, it is possible the dinosaurs became extinct over a number of years, not from one cataclysmic event.”

We then moved on to explore some vocabulary related to ‘space & the planets’, which helped us with some listening practice also.

As for grammar, one of our listening tasks was full of future forms, which we then did a lot of practice with.  “What goals will you have achieved in 20 years’ time?

To finish us off for the week we all did a full day of IELTS test practice to check on our progress after 8 weeks of hard work and to build some more ‘test fitness’ for those in the class planning to take their test soon.