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What IELTS Did This Week

Not sure if you want to include a photo – and if so whether you need their consent.


In IELTS advanced we’ve been celebrating reaching the turnaround point. By that I mean the point where we now understand what is expected in each part of the exam, what kind of vocabulary and grammar we have to use and the format of each writing ‘recipe’ off the top of our heads. All of this is reflected in our ability to read and understand an ever increasing range of materials. The quality of our daily writing summaries of these reading articles as well as our actual IELTS pieces of writing have reached the point where we often need to stop as a class and listen to the work of our peers before congratulating them. Marking your work has gone from a chore to an absolute pleasure, despite my difficulties keeping up with the volume. ( I may have to extend my 24 hour return to 48 hours!)


It’s important to remember that at your level, it’s hard to see progress. (When you know nothing about a subject, your rate of learning is staggering whereas once you’ve reached your level it’s almost impossible to measure.) Bearing this in mind, you’ve been producing work of an ever increasing quality in faster times. When we have a set period of time to do test tasks, you are able to capitalise on the time by choosing tasks which focus on your individual weaknesses which is commendable. We seldom need to listen to recordings more than once as our pre-reading and listening has reached such a high level. You’re able to argue subtle points of grammar with me as well as why answers to the listening and reading passages are wrong. This is progress! From this point on, you’ll start seeing it reflected in your band scores.


Your work ethic is outstanding but perhaps more importantly, the classroom dynamic is what allows our success. We’ve bonded as a team of equals, each with our own strengths. We work extremely hard but then are able to balance it with outrageous laughter. I can’t think of a better group to finish the year with, although sadly, we’ve already lost many great people as they’ve graduated to pursue their dreams.