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What IELTS Did This Week

IELTS is off to a flying start. We’ve already done a practice IELTS exam to ascertain our individual strengths and weaknesses with another full exam taking place next week.


We’ve already looked at two of the three types of task 1 IELTS  Academic Writing tasks, namely the map and graph questions and, for our General IELTS exam students, the formal and informal task one writing tasks (i.e.) the letter to a friend or a business/organisation. In our IELTS Reading, we’ve focused on the notoriously difficult true/false/not given type of questions from which some lively discussions have ensued!


We’ve also been focusing on the need for organisation when it comes to recording, learning and using the vast array of specialised vocabulary we need in order to get a higher lexical resource score. With each grammar point, we’re focusing on how best to apply it in the exam and of course using it to practice the various parts of the IELTS speaking exam.


Sounds dead boring but we have a lot of laughs too. All too soon it’s time to say goodbye to our beautiful Tahitian, Turia and our lovely high school student Asana from Japan and welcome our first Slovakian, Brano.