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What FCE Did This Week

This week in FCE, we looked at innovation. First, what’s the difference between creation and innovation? This is something we discussed. We then moved on to different forms of innovation. We talked about the innovation of inventions like post-it notes and potato chips and also innovations in language. Interestingly, language changes all the time just like technology. So, the next time you hear a metaphor or a piece of slang, you can think to yourself, ‘How innovative!’ Over the last hundred years, we’ve also seen a lot of innovation in film, from sound and color to CGI and stop motion. Additionally, if you think about how to solve problems around the house, you need to sometimes be innovative to come up with solutions. Using a tire as planter or keeping a dog from getting into your yard with forks all exercise your creative muscles. Finally, we wrapped up with a debate on whether artificial intelligence would ever achieve sentience and eliminate the human race from the planet, or in simpler terms, if robots would ever take over the world.