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What Elementary A Did This Week

What Elementary A did this week.


Wow! What a big week for Ele this week.

Student’s walked into the classroom on the morning of Day1 and found and exam waiting for them.

However, it was not as scary as it seemed. In fact, it was just a practice exam to help students prepare for the real exam which would happen on the following Thursday. For many students, this was the first time they had seen the Cambridge KET exam and so the practice exam really helped them understand how the test works.

Day 2 was mostly spent reviewing modules 5,6,7,8 but we also spent some time practicing for the speaking test.

Day 3 was a very busy day. All of Ele A completed the full KET exam, all in one day. I want to thank each and every student for their hard work and dedication. The day ran like clockwork thanks to you.

Day 4. Friday, or should we call it Cry-day? There were a few tears on Friday afternoon as the students realised that the first chapter of their amazing journey at Inforum was coming to an end. However, the feeling of anticipation was already starting to build as they began looking forward to the new semester starting next week.

Congratulations to you all and good luck next semester.