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What Elementary A Did This Week

The synapses were firing on all cylinders this week in Elementary A as we plunged head first into another exciting unit of study at the foremost English language school in Australia – Inforum Education on the Gold Coast.

We kicked the week off by discussing home and family life and learnt how to use ‘have to’ to talk about necessity. We also explored a range of adjectives used to describe people and their various personalities.

Appropriately, we finished our last unit of study by looking to the future. We discussed the often confusing difference between ‘will’ and ‘be going to’ to talk about the future and learnt how to make plans and arrangements.

In the coming days we’re all going to be looking to the future as test day looms large on the horizon. In the meantime, Elementary A are broadening their own horizons by studying English to prepare for their Cambridge: Key test.