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What Advanced B Did This Week

This week at Inforum Education the general English Advanced B class were challenged by learning about the news, media, business and economics.

On Tuesday morning, the advanced students continued to learn and develop vital skills for completing the CAE reading exam competently, so I’m sure now they feel better prepared for week 6 testing. They also enjoyed learning some common sayings like “every cloud has a silver lining”, became very good at small talk “lovely weather, isn’t it?” and were fascinated by how many foreign words we have borrowed from other languages, “there’s a macho chef en route to the plaza causing a fiasco!!”

Each student successfully fulfilled the group task and gave very informative presentations on popular past times in a country other than their own.  We were all excited that spring has finally sprung and, after studying hard all week, are looking forward to enjoying the warmer weather on The Gold Coast this weekend!