Watch Out Southport!

Inforum students were on a top secret mission this Friday. They were split into teams of two and had to complete as many missions as they could within 4 hours. The winning team scored the prize, which was 2 $30 gift vouchers.

The missions included doing things like getting a stranger to sign a pizza box or hugging a shop mannequin. 

Check below for photos and a list of all of the missions.

The winners were Ji Min and Jae Hyun!!!

Mission List:


Get a beer coaster from a pub. 7 Points

Swap a T-Shirt with a stranger. 60 Points

Get a stranger to sign a pizza box. 25 Points

Find the computer game “Eye of Judgement” 5 Points

Take a photo with a dog and a baby on the same shot. 65 Points

Find the book “Atlas Shrugged” written by Ayn Rand. 15 Points

Get a clean burger wrapper, chip package and paper cup from McDonalds or Hungry Jacks for free. 65 Points

Find 4 different post boxes. 20 Points

Get a bank deposit slip. 10 Points

Get help from someone. 40 Points

Hug a shop mannequin. 30 Points

Do 25 push-ups. 15 Points

Go into a shoe shop with no shoes on and ask them if they have any nice hats.
80 Points

Go to K-Mart and change your clothes.
Men must put on a dress and women must put on a pair of men’s shorts,
T-Shirt, cap and shoes. Both team members must change. 100 Points

Plus a list of difficult bonus missions that included taking photos of specific landmarks.

brian.JPGharuk-dressing-up-for-points.JPG bom-dressing-up-for-points.jpg boom-and-haruka-light.JPG jin-gyus-new-girlfreind.JPG brians-perfect-evidence.JPG brian-swapping-1.JPG brian-swapping-2.JPG ji-min-and-jae-hyun.JPG jin-gyu.JPG boom-and-haruka.JPG boom-and-haruka-lizards.JPG keiji-and-kyo.JPG

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