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Upper Intermediate visit the Sheraton Mirage

It is that time again at Inforum. Presentations are just around the corner. This time, the Upper Intermediate classes are preparing a S.W.O.T. analysis and presentation on the Sheraton Mirage Hotel, located in Main Beach on the Gold Coast. (If you are wondering, S.W.O.T. is not an acronym which represents some highly skilled security organisation, it actually stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.)

On arriving at the Sheraton, the students were ushered into Pearl’s Bar for a Q and A session. The students were loaded with questions to help them decipher some critical points they wished to include in their presentations. Sheraton were kind enough to lend us three of their staff, including Brant, the Finance and Front Office Manager Lars, the Food and Beverage Manager, and the Marketing Manager, Kelly Anne. They were very helpful and informative, using a mix of professional and informal language.

Then, Brant and Lars took the students on quite an extensive tour of the hotel. Points of interest included the wedding and conference venues, restaurants and bars, one of the hotel rooms, and an exclusive sneak peak at back-of-house facilities including the many kitchens and storage areas.

On completion of this interesting tour, the students once again gathered at Pearl’s Bar, where the food and beverage staff had prepared a wonderful High-Tea, including a mouth-watering array of delicious snacks and beverages. Although the students tried, it proved difficult to devour all of the delightful nibbles.

Content with the outing, the students made their way back to Inforum to make use of their newly acquired information and breathe new life into their presentations.

I look forward to seeing all your presentations on Thursday guys.
Good luck!