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Tips for Speaking

When it comes down to it, learning a language is all about learning how to communicate with others. You can study as much grammar and vocabulary as you want, but there’s no point if you are not willing to use it! I’m going to list a few pointers here on some of the things you can do to practice your speaking and feel more confident.

1. Don’t be afraid!
Speaking a second language can be a stressful experience if you are worried about making mistakes. So what can you do? Relax! Everyone has to start somewhere and making mistakes is actually very important, because it allows you to learn what your weak points are and then practice so you can overcome them! Also, you are in an environment where everyone is going to make some mistakes. Trust in your friends and you can all help each other talk!

2. Think English (all the time)!
Speaking English is something that you should be doing everywhere, not just when you are in the classroom. When you are in your flat or out with your friends, try to use your English instead of relying on your first language. Put yourself in situations where you HAVE to use English. Don’t use the automatic checkout at the supermarket, talk to the checkout person instead. When you go clothes shopping, ask questions about what you want to buy.

3. Use your passion!
What are your hobbies and interests? Tell people about them! Learn the vocabulary you need and then describe your passion for surfing to your friends, or explain why Batman is more interesting than Superman. It is easier to talk about something you are interested in, so use those kinds of topics to energise your speaking!

Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas, and before you know it, you will be a conversational wizard!