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This week in Elementary

This week in elementary, we covered two of the most important topics in life: Food and Feelings!

In the food unit, we learned about the many, many ways to describe breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do you like beef? How do you like it? Fried? Grilled? With salt and pepper? Boiled in soup with eggs and vegetables? Many students discussed their likes and dislikes and discovered that even within their own country, each person liked to eat something different.

We also talked about restaurants, and what kind of language is important when talking to waiters. Some students even wrote a menu of delicious food for their own (imaginary) restaurant!

Later on in the week, we moved onto bodies and feelings. Happiness was one of the key topics, and a very interesting one for us to talk about. What makes people happy? It is a difficult question even in your own language, so it was quite a challenge for the class, but we came up with a variety of interesting answers.

Finally, the elementary classes combined to test out their cooking skills by making a cake-in-a-cup. The recipe was not too difficult, but the students had to use their English to use the right amount of sugar, flour, vanilla and chocolate chips to make sure their cake came out fluffy and delicious. If you see one of the students around the school, ask them and maybe they will make a cake-in-a-cup for you!