The thing that is not only fashionable but also…..!!!???

I’ve got a one question for every Inforum student. What is a word which ends with VEMBER?? Do you have any idea? I think the word NOVEMBER came to your mind first, didn’t it? but this is not the only word which ends with VEMBER. Well, have you ever heard of this word, MOE-VEMBER?? I think not, many people don’t know what this word means, actually I didn’t know either. This word exists for a charity purpose and its aim is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. The person who registered was a man who is called Mo Bros. They grow their moustaches not cutting them during November. This is an interesting charity system, isn’t it? We have one Inforum student who is Mo Bro. Check the photos below and join this charity if you are interested.

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