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The most useful phrasal verbs for FCE exams:

Here are some more useful phrasal verbs for writing and speaking FCE English:

Phrasal verbs:

  1. Look forward to – to anticipate with pleasure or excitement
  2. Give up – to quit or stop doing something
  3. Take after – to resemble or be similar to someone in appearance or character
  4. Make up – to invent or fabricate a story, excuse, or information
  5. Break down – to stop functioning properly or emotionally collapse
  6. Get on with – to continue doing something, especially after a delay or interruption
  7. Figure out – to understand or solve a problem or mystery
  8. Carry on – to continue doing something despite difficulties or opposition
  9. Turn up – to arrive or appear unexpectedly or in large numbers
  10. Run out of – to exhaust or use up a supply of something

Remember to study and practice these phrasal verbs in different contexts and to ensure they are grammatically correct when using them in your writing and speaking during the exam.