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Summer on the Gold Coast

Summer is the best time to explore all that the Gold Coast has to offer.

Things to enjoy

It is time to learn to surf! offers lessons and they even supply the surfboard.

It is also a great time to see the countryside from the back of a horse. is a wonderful way to spend a day, have fun and learn about Australia.

Things to be careful of

Summer is Tick season and we all need to take care. Ticks are small bugs (arachnids to be accurate) that burrow into the skin and suck blood. They are annoying and potentially dangerous. If you have other allergies you should go to the doctor to get them removed. If you go out in the countryside or anywhere that there are lots of animals then be on the lookout.

Too much sunshine can be a real problem, particularly for our European friends. Avoid strong sun and always wear a hat.

Enjoy summer and the best that the Gold Coast has to offer