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Study Tips

Studying English can feel quite challenging at times, so here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time learning English on the Gold Coast.

The first tip is to speak English, speak English, speak English, as much and as often as you can! Don’t worry about getting your grammar right, create opportunities to speak with learners like you and also local native speakers. Go out, take a part time job, join in with the school’s weekend activities. Maximise your English speaking time outside the school. If you make the effort, you will soon find your fluency, confidence and range of vocabulary will improve considerably, even your grammar!

Also, make sure you read in English every day, a book, a magazine, the newspaper, something you are interested in. You don’t have to spend hours reading, even a quarter of an hour can make a difference if you do it every day.

Last tip for the day, enjoy what the technology has to offer, watch YouTube videos in English or with English subtitles, watch English Netflix shows and films (you can use the subtitles option if you need to), look for English speaking musicians, listen to their songs, look up the lyrics and sing along! You won’t believe how much vocabulary, idioms, and yes, grammar too, that you can learn through music!

You can study English by just enjoying the best things in life!