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Preparing for PET

The 5 P’s of success-

Proper – Preparation – Prevents – Poor – Performance.


The University of Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students, like all tests, should be approached with a plan if you really want to achieve the highest result you are capable of. Even high level students can find themselves scoring a lower than expected result if they do not prepare themselves well.

Preparation should go beyond the daily tasks of attending class and doing homework. It should include physical preparation like making sure you are well rested and hydrated before taking the exam and also some mental preparation. This obviously includes study but also includes an understanding the exam structure and also the tactics required to avoid the simple, yet common, mistakes made by students doing the test.

The University of Cambridge website offers students help and advice via number of different pages including a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, sample test page, vocabulary list page and others.

You can find links to all this information on the website’s preparation page..

So get smart, get fit and get prepared and you will find yourself in a winning position come test day.



He who fails to plan, plans to fail.