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What Pre-Intermediate B Did This Week

This week in Pre-intermediate B was filled with lots of challenging vocabulary and useful grammar! We covered the human body and how the mind could affect it, as well as injuries, illnesses, medicine and “folk remedies” (For example: drinking chicken soup to cure a cold). Students practiced giving advice on what to do when sick, plus some other slightly more unusual situations and instructions.

After that, we moved onto holiday accommodation around the world: resorts, hotels, apartments and even camping! Almost everyone agreed that the most important thing was a clean place to stay, but a few people felt that a heated swimming pool was more important! We used second conditionals to ask hypothetical questions like: If you had lots of money, where would you stay? Finally, we talked about holidays from the past, what you USED TO do as a child, and how things are different nowadays.

It was a big start for Pre-intermediate B, but they showed lots of energy and enthusiasm which will hopefully continue throughout all of their classes!