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Porscha’s Study Tips

As everyone knows, we have regular exams here at Inforum Education and as one of the amazing teachers here at the best English language school on the Gold Coast, I’m going to share some of my study tips with you. Now, these have all been tried and tested and are guaranteed to work.


  1. Cramming doesn’t work. Study a little bit everyday. Don’t try to fit a term’s worth of work into the night before the exam.
  2. Get a study buddy. Studying is easier and much more effective if you study with a friend.
  3. Explore different ways of studying. Don’t just stick to the way you’ve always done it.
  4. Try and use what you have learnt in class in a real world situation.
  5. Listen to your teacher. If you do what your teacher says, you will almost certainly do well.


Good luck studying!