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Our Cambridge Exam students are about to show their skills!

After committing to a 12-week intensive exam course, not only to build and develop their English skills, but also to sit the Cambridge test, our wonderful students are getting ready to finally take it! Over the next two weeks, the FCE and CAE students will be attending their speaking test followed by a day of doing the Reading & Use of English, Writing and Listening exams.

So, what have the Inforum students been doing during this course and what does an exam course involve? 

Here is a general overview of what our course entails:

A Diagnostic Assessment

Typically, it begins with assessing the student’s current English language proficiency level.  This will reveal the strengths and areas which need improving.

The Syllabus

Students will use a set textbook to match a well-designed curriculum to cover all the key language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is done through learning about many different and current topics.

Grammar and Vocabulary

There is a lot of intensive study of grammar rules and vocabulary relevant to the proficiency level.  C1 students will focus on advanced grammatical structures, while B2 on intermediate/upper intermediate structures.

Reading Comprehension

Students practice reading and understanding various texts to analyse the content, identify main ideas, match information and understand detail.


The development of formal and informal writing skills is essential for different purposes, such as essays, reports, letters/emails, reviews, proposals and some other text types.


Each week the students train in listening to audio materials.  The audios include interviews, conversations and lectures etc. to understand the main ideas, meaning and specific details.


This practice involves building fluency and chatting about the student’s personal information and experiences, comparing photographs, discussions, making decisions and negotiating with each other.

Practice and Mock exams

The teacher will regularly give practice and mock tests to familiarize the students with the exam format, effective strategies and time limits.  This is very important as it helps the students become more comfortable, confident and see their progression.

Feedback and Feedforward

Ongoing feedback and correction from the teachers to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. This includes individualized feedback on writing assignments, speaking exercises, and practice tests.

Inforum Education Australia is a recognised test preparation centre for students wanting to do the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) exam and the Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) exam. Our exam preparation classes have a maximum of 12 students in the class and a pass rate of over 90%.

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