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New Year, New Schedule

Happy new year to everyone and welcome to Inforum for 2017. I hope you all had a nice break and are eager to continue your English study this year.

Along with the new year, we are also trying a new schedule for our classes. We are doing this to make sure that all students are comfortable and happy with the learning environment at Inforum.

So, starting next week all classes will only be at school 4 days a week. Each of these days will have 5 hours of study; this includes 1 x 2-hour lesson in the morning and 2 x 1.5-hour lessons in the afternoon. This means you are still studying 20 hours a week but now you have 3 days off instead of 2.

The extra day off will be the same each week for the level you are in now but it will change when you move to the next level (every 6 weeks). The afternoon workshops are still available each day and all of them will start from 3.15pm, please remember to signup for them if you want to attend.

We will be trialling this schedule for the next 5 weeks so if you have any ideas or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  If the schedule is working and people are happy with it, we will keep it permanently.

Thanks for your patience as we try this new way of doing things,