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New Teacher – Julia

My name’s Julia and I’ll be teaching the IELTS classes, both the Foundation and Advanced.

I began my career as a junior primary teacher but soon became fascinated with illiterate English speaking adults leading to a career change. During this time I taught a group of students with severe mental and physical disabilities which was paradoxically the most interesting, rewarding and difficult experience given that I had no training, mentors or resources! Working in community education, I soon became involved in working with migrants and refugees which lead to studying how to become an English teacher. Again this was an eye-opening experience which made me realise how fortunate I am. Since moving to QLD 20 years ago I’ve taught international students exclusively, focusing on IELTS in the last few years. I’ve also just completed a counselling degree. So if you need to chat about a tough situation you’re in, learn how to get nerves under control for any exam or ask about the test, come and say hi.
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