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New Teacher

“Hi !

My name is Claire-Lise Jones and I come from a small village in France. However, I have lived in New Zealand for the last twelve years. I have now settled on the Gold Coast with my two children. Australia, I believe, will offer a life that will be more suited to our family’s wishes and aspirations.

I have always had a passion for languages and the cultures these languages are inherently tied to. As a young adult, I spent a lot of my spare time (and money) travelling. I found that being able to communicate with the locals in their language greatly enhanced my travelling experiences and enabled me to be much more than a simple tourist.

I felt I could more fully experience the culture of the people I met and understand them beyond the mere meaning of the words. Nothing for me has been more rewarding an experience.

This passion for languages naturally led me to a teaching career, therefore, after working in various areas such as tourism, administration and hospitality, I decided to change my career path and reinvented myself as a language teacher.

In 2011, I went back to University and took a three month ESL teaching course (CELTA / Certificate in Teaching Languages) with Unitec in Auckland. I started my new career teaching ESL as well as evening French classes for adult students in a community education programme  in Auckland.

Moving to Gisborne, a much smaller city on the East Coast of New Zealand in 2013, gave me the opportunity to become the teacher in charge of French in the local boys high school (GBHS). At the end of my first year there, I decided to go back to university once again to fully qualify as a secondary school teacher. I graduated in 2016. While I was studying part-time, I retained my role as the teacher in charge of French at GBHS and remained in this position while also diversifying my teaching to Junior Social Science and Junior Spanish until my Australian move at the end of last year.

I am now absolutely thrilled to come back to my initial ESL teaching career and be part of the amazing teaching team at Inforum. I love working with people from all over the world: Having the privilege to be in contact with a variety of cultures considerably enriches my life.

The English language is a passion and I will endeavour to share this passion with my students while supporting their learning in order to make their experience at Inforum an unforgettable one.”