Hi Everyone,

 My name is Janos and I`m a new student committee member.
 Some information about me: I come from Hungary (it`s located in the middle 
 Europe) where I worked as an IT Expert. My job was good. However
 my  English wasn`t the same so I decided to study this language. I tried to
 learn English at my home country although it wasn`t the best way for me. So I
 came here. On the other hand I have always liked to see the real Australia
 with the beautiful weather and beaches.

I have been at Inforum since September last year and my plan is to find a proper job in this country. The student committee is one of the steps to achieve this aim. This opportunity will certainly improve my English knowledge.

If you have a chance join to this team because it`s good fun and a good way to improve some skills.

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