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“Music, English, and You” by Jeremy Peres

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, ‘Music is the universal language of mankind.’
It doesn’t matter where you are from, music is a powerful force that helps,
relaxes, and inspires you.
Whether it’s “Let it Go” (that’s a joke, by the way), or Justin Beiber’s “Baby”,
there is a song out there for everyone.

Music can help you improve your English in many ways.
The easiest thing for you to do is just listen to it.
You will be able to practise your listening skills by hearing someone sing in English.
You don’t even have to think about it!
You can put on a pair of headphones, and do your daily activities,
and your brain will start to pick up vocabulary.

If you want to spend a bit more time, you can really develop your vocabulary
by looking up the lyrics.
I recommend not using “Google translate” to understand the meaning.
Instead, pick up your dictionary, and look up the meaning of difficult words.

If you are really dedicated, you can think about the grammar as well.
For example, in the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song, If:

If I saw it all so clear,
I’d write it down and bend your ear,

If I saw the sun fall down,
I’d pick it up for you

You have probably noticed that these are Second Conditional structures!
Identifying uses of grammar will help you remember how they are constructed
and how or why we use them in English.

One last thing you can do with music which will help you improve your listening,
speaking, and reading is KARAOKE !!
You can relax with friends, have fun, and practise your English all at the same time.
Make sure you don’t cheat and sing songs in your native language 🙂

Have fun learning English!