MMM… Kangaroo anyone?

The brave Inforum students participated in an Aussie BBQ last Friday (5/10/2007).

But this was no ordinary BBQ. We wanted to keep this BBQ as traditional as possible.

And so, armed with the knowledge that Australia is the only country where it is legal to eat the animals that are its own national symbols.

We set out to create a BBQ experience that the students wouldn’t forget…

We cooked up some kangaroo, some emu and some crocodile. As well as some hotdogs for the less brave.

Take a look at the bravery below…

bbq-kangaroo-and-crocodile.jpg mmm-crocodile.jpg kangaroos-not-so-bad.jpg yuukis-3rd-day-in-australia.jpg yohei-enjoying-some-traditional-aussie-culture.jpg   

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