Like in the Circus…

Every Inforum class has had to make a performance this friday, highly interactive…..

Some were dancing, others singing, few people made conversations

The first prize was a free dinner at a famous restaurant….

Who would you choose as a winner, if you wold have been the judge?

 dsc_0010.jpg  dsc_0023.jpg dsc_0035.jpg

dsc_0060.jpg dsc_0058.jpg dsc_0069.jpg dsc_0067.jpg

dsc_0075.jpg dsc_0094.jpg dsc_0112.jpg

dsc_0116.jpg dsc_0138.jpg dsc_0161.jpg

dsc_0199.jpg dsc_0195.jpg dsc_0184.jpg dsc_0197.jpg

posted by: Aniko

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