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Last Week in Upper Intermediate B

Last week in Upper Intermediate , we covered two important topics in life: Food and Business !

In the food unit, we learned about the ways to develop ideas of describing food and ingredients, herbs and spices and different types of vegetables. We discuss the ways food is cooked using a variety of cooking verbs, for example Fried, poached, grilled, etc. Boiled in soup with different ingredients and vegetables, many students discussed their likes and dislikes and discovered that even within their own country, each person liked to eat something different.

We also talked about restaurants, and a variety of food stories in the news. Some students even wrote a recipe of their favourite delicious food from their own country!

Later on in the week, we moved onto business. We discussed the importance of using formal English in business using the grammar point, ‘would’ to be polite. This is often used in job interviews, requests to supervisors and or bosses as well as requests to business colleagues. We also did a listening exercise of difficult email addresses which some students found humorous, but challenging.

Finally we practiced the use of the grammar point, ‘future continuous’ used to talk about future plans that are arranged. This was done in a business like atmosphere. We came up with a variety of interesting sentences.