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Last Week in Pre A

Last week in Pre-Intermediate A we reviewed all of the grammar points from Units 1-4, we had a busy week reviewing present simple, present continuous, present perfect, past simple and past continuous and of course many other grammar points.

To take a break from all of the hard grammar study, we went on an excursion with both pre-intermediate classes.

The students got into teams and downloaded an app on their phone called ‘The Goose Chase’, on this app were many creative challenges created by our new teacher Ashlee, the challenges consisted of following different directions and instructions to find places all around Southport.

Once the students found all of the locations, they had to take a photo and submit it to the app, the first group back with all of the correct submissions was the winning group (they won a lot of chocolate but were nice enough to share with the other teams).

On Friday we had a lot of activities relating to Australia day, we learnt all about the history of Australia day and learnt why we celebrate this day.

A busy review week for Pre-Intermediate A!