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Last Week in IELTS

In IELTS we’ve been familiarising ourselves with the various parts of the test. We’ve focused on the task requirements for each of the 4 areas. As we work through the textbook we’ve focused on the habits we need to develop in order for them to become automatic, ensuring you do well on test day.

We’re not attempting to meet the word/time targets yet as we’re a bit like athletes in training for  the big event. Slowly and steadily…. quality not quantity….for now 😊


We’ve started our reading portfolios in order to practice reading daily on a wide range of subjects as well as conducting at least one full speaking test per week in pairs in order to become familiar with the format, requirements and  length of time in each section. In addition, the wise students have started both a vocabulary list and an errors list for daily revision.


Despite all the seriousness, we do have some laughs along the way, including our yoga moves, IELTS style!