It’s Autumn, but Summer has returned to Inforum

It is getting colder these days, and not many people like this……

But Inforum it’s summer all year round.

Diana has brought a lovely sunflower from her garden

which her hubby(husband) grew from seed for her in secret because Sunflower are Diana’s favorite flower!

too good a story….

img_0132.JPG img_0137.JPG  dsc_0038.JPG

   2.JPG 3.JPG  4.JPG

      The life of a sunflower,beautiful to see!!!

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All life must come to and end,and the death of a sunflower has left one of our students very depressed.

Ryota found it very difficult to deal with it when Daniel his teacher decided that it’s life span had finished.

p1040742.JPG p1040743.JPG

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