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International Day 1

Today, Inforum  had one of the most popular activity which is ”International food day”!! We asked students what they thought about Inforum’s International day 🙂

1. Ana Paula & Nidiane from BRAZIL        

       Very nice to know about the food of other countries.


2.Tomoko & Natuka  from JAPAN 

       Great.  Many country’s food, all delicious.


3. Eduardo & Gabriella from CHILE 

        Very delicious.  We hope that this activity is done again soon.


4 . Roman, Victoria & Arnaud from FRENCH 

        The food from America, Brazil and Peru were the best dishes. 

       Nice to share a lovely time with ours mates.


5. Stella, Philip & Jay Kay from KOREA 

       Really great day!.  Students from other cultures make Korean food really well.


6  “ TEACHERS” Shane & George from AUSTRALIA

       S: The American potato salad was scrumptious.

       G: Nice to mix all the food in my mouth and create an international flavour.

7 “ Committee & Students “ Sasha & Dasha” from RUSSIA 

       Interesting to have a chance to try different food from other countries.  We had a lot of fun.

Everyone enjoyed  themselves!!

Posted by Kyoko