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What Intermediate B Did This Week

The first week of the semester saw new class–teacher combinations and Int B kicked off their new adventure with vocabulary related to houses and homes as well as the social issues relating to the areas where people live. They have been dabbling in ‘Present Perfect Continuous’ and they’ve also looked at ‘Present Perfect Simple’.

Later in the week, films and theatre took centre stage in the class room and the students learned how to explain where their favourite events were and how to get there.

There was a lot of discussion about quantifiers and they also took to idioms like a duck to water.

Later in the week, they were going to try and relax but instead decided to study ‘Future in the past’ and did so with great success.

Finally, the formal writing lesson was very much appreciated by all participants. The known and the unknown were sincerely and faithfully farewelled and it was a big success.

Congratulations to all Int B sutudents. If this week is any indication, it’s going to be a great semester.