INFORUM Soccer Match!

Last Friday Inforum went head to head in a soccer match with another Gold Coast school. This was the first soccer match of its kind for Inforum. Inforum was in front for the first half but by the end of the game, it was 3 all. It was a great match with cheerleaders, music, sausages, sports and beer. Watch out for the next game in the coming weeks!

socceramad.JPG soccerbaloons.JPG soccerbbq.JPG soccercheer.JPG  soccergroup.JPGsoccersit.JPG soccerluiz.JPG soccerlunch.JPG soccerplayers.JPGsoccernorikobbq.JPGsoccercheerleaders.JPGsoccerdoggie.JPG soccerriver.JPG                                           

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