Inforum Tour Group Students August 2011.

Our new Inforum tour group students arrived on the weekend.

During our first day at school we were very busy. We studied English in the morning and went to the park in the afternoon. Here are some of the students’  diary entries for the day.

Watch this space for more diary entries and pictures from the week!

Aya: My host mother made dinner. It was excellent. My host family  answered my homework. My host family are very kind to me.

Erika: At night I played with my host sister and brother. I was very tired. Before I played, I ate chow mein. My hot mother lent me chopsticks. I was glad.

Kaede: I ate pumpkin soup and rice for dinner. It was good.

Yumi: My host mother is very kind! I ate pasta for dinner, it was good.

Hikari: I helped my host mother. We washed dishes. She looked happy.

Sohta: I used the computer. I sent my friends emails.

Ryusei: I played tennis and I think I did well. The dinner was yummy. I ate fruit for dessert after dinner.

Kurumi: I went to the supermarket with my host mother. I cooked dinner with my host mother.

Aoi: I watched TV with my host mother at night. We ate ice cream.

Mirano: I went to the shops with my host mother. I bought a jacket. I had fun.

Kenta: I went home and saw the TV show "Extreme Airports". Then I played solitaire with my host father. Lastly, we ate hamburger or dinner. The taste was excellent!!!

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