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Inforum Teacher Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

At Inforum Education, professional development and training for our teachers is very important.  We are always looking for opportunities to engage our teachers in highly effective PD, as this enables the teachers to stay up to date on best practices and industry trends.

Initially, the teachers go through a process of identifying their professional learning needs to select and undertake a variety of professional development courses, online or face to face. We learn about subjects such as digital learning in the classroom, fostering learner autonomy, testing EAP skills or giving alternative student feedback.  The teachers then have time to reflect upon the effectiveness of this information and apply it to become a more effective teacher, advance their career, better understand their students, and challenge themselves in and out of the classroom.

Recently at Inforum Education, the teachers have started to undertake peer observations, a fun and positive way to grow professionally.  This involves teachers observing each other’s practice, the opportunity to learn from others’ and offer constructive feedback. It is also a wonderful way to collaborate and exchange ideas with our colleagues, while also feeling more support and less alone in the challenges we as teachers often face.

So finally, as educators and lifelong learners it’s always nice to remember that, “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” – Phil Collins.

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