Inforum Students Learned to Surf with a Pro.

Last Friday Inforum students learned to surf with Micheal “Munga” Barry.

Micheal is a pro surfer with impressive titles under his belt such as:

1993 Miyazaki Pro Japan 

1996 Australian World Titles (USA)

1998 Billabong/MSF pro South Africa  

The students had a fantastic time and some even surfed standing up!

After all of the action the students went to the local burger joint and grabbed a massive surf burger.

Check out all of the action below and look out for Terry who had his wetsuit on backwards. Deliberately of course.

Can anyone say Bond… Terry Bond.

Yusuke and Ayako Posing Now they just need to do that in the water Yo Hei The Inforum Team!!! Bond… Terry Bond Hungry Bunch Tamami Burger Time!!! Beach boys Ayako Dong Gun surfing!!!

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