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“Ideas for improving your English” Jimmy Parfitt

“How can I improve my English?”
This is a question teachers are often asked. One of the best ways to improve your English is quite simple …. READ MORE and READ REGULARLY!
Reading will help you:
• improve your reading speed
• review all of that grammar you have been studying
• review vocabulary you have learnt
• learn new vocabulary
• maintain your English skills (even if you are not studying)
• … and learn more about the world around you
“What should I read?”
You should read anything you want! It’s a good idea to read something that is interesting for you. Reading for pleasure is the goal.
Things to remember:
• read for pleasure (if what you are reading is boring, read something else)
• read about topics you are interested in
• variety, variety, variety – read lots of different genres (articles, stories, blogs…)
• read regularly (even 10-15 minutes a day is good)
“Where can I find something interesting to read?”
Here are some ideas to get you started:
• Graded readers are excellent for improving your English. There are different levels of difficulty (Elementary – Advanced) and many different titles. You can see which titles are available at Inforum reception.
• Travelgrove is an online travel company. They have a very interesting blog which is updated regularly. If you are interested in travel, this is a good place to start.
• My English Pages is a website with lots of English activities. If you want a challenge, there are many reading activities on many different topics.
• Breaking News English is fantastic for keeping up with the latest news around the world. There are different levels of difficulty and even recordings of the articles to listen to.