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How to Survive Schoolies

Welcome to the Gold Coast, home of sand, surf, fun and …………… Schoolies.

So what is Schoolies?

Schoolies is an annual festival organised for students who have completed their final year of high school. Schoolies (Noun) is the name given to the event but it’s also a name given to the students who attend the event.

It is well organised and is designed purely, exclusively and 100% only for year twelve high school students from all parts of Australia  and it is definitely not for the general public.

From November 19th until December 10th tens of thousands of students will descend upon Surfers Paradise. They are young, inexperienced and highly motivated to have a good time. Unfortunately there are many other people who see these students as an easy target for crimes such as theft, drug sales, violence and even sexual assault.

So I am not here to tell you of all the wonderful activities that make the event so great for school leavers. Instead, I would like to inform you of how important it is to realise that Schoolies is not for other members of the public including the regular party goers who love to spend their weekends in Surfers Paradise.

In Australian slang language, the word ‘TOOL’ means ‘a very stupid person’ and so, any person who is not an official Schoolie, and who tries to get involved in Schoolies celebrations, is given the name ‘Toolie’ meaning a stupid person pretending to be a schoolie.

The Gold Coast Police, local government and the Schoolies Event organisers are very serious about the safety of the young students and carefully watch the behaviour of any person in Surfers Paradise who is not an official Schoolie but is interacting with the Schoolies. (Toolie) Official Schoolies have ID armbands so it is very easy for Police to spot Toolies.

Although it is not illegal for you to be in Surfers Paradise during Schoolies celebrations, Police are highly protective of the Schoolies and will quickly act to remove any person who they feel could become involved in any type of trouble with Schoolies. This includes situations where the Schoolies may start the trouble.

So here a few to help Inforum Students survive Schoolies.

  1. Remember you are not a Schoolie so don’t be Toolie.
  2. If possible, avoid Surfers Paradise completely from 19/11/16 10/12/12
  3. If you must be in Surfers, stay away from the Schoolies precinct and the Schoolies themselves.
  4. Do not try to enter the Schoolies precinct. (Official Party area)
  5. If you really want to party, have a home party or go to Broadbeach.
  6. Do not under-estimate how serious Police are about protecting Schoolies. (Stay away)
  7. If you are approached by and Schoolies, wish them a good night and then move on. (Stay away)
  8. Do not become involved in Schoolies fights and arguments. Walk away, do not stay and watch.
  9. Be aware, that Schoolies have a full team of support staff to handle all types of emergencies including all drug and alcohol problems, physical and emotional problems and violence relate incidents. Please leave it to the experts.
  10. Plan ahead and have a great time away from Surfers Paradise during Schoolies.

Have fun, be safe and don’t be a Toolie.