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How a General English Language Course Can Improve Your English Skills

Today, English is spoken by around 1.5 billion people worldwide, and in our globalised world, being able to speak it is an invaluable skill. If you’re interested in learning English, you might be surprised to discover that with the right language course, it’s easier than you might think to build new skills. 

Whether you want to improve your English to expand your career opportunities, travel, live in an English-speaking country, or are simply looking to learn something new, enrolling in an online English language course will help you to succeed in achieving your goals.

At Inforum Education, you’ll start your course at a level that’s right for you and receive consistent support to ensure that your learning needs are being met. Additionally, our focus on communication and interaction allows you to get plenty of practice in applying what you’ve learned. Discover more about the ways in which a General English Language course can help you to improve your English skills.

Start Your Virtual English Courses at the Level that’s Right for You

At Inforum Education, there’s no level of experience too low or too high to begin language training. When you enrol in our General English language course, your skills will be assessed to determine your level of proficiency, and you’ll be placed in exactly the right level accordingly. You will take a placement test and complete an interview with an instructor, ensuring that we have a good idea of your speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills. 

In our General English program, there are 8 different levels – almost double what most English language schools offer. Each offered for a duration of 6-weeks, students will be placed in either A or B of the Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate or Upper Intermediate level. By beginning your language training at the right level, you’ll be able to get the most value out of your experience with relevant and practical instruction. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to move up to the next level when the course is finished.

online English classes
Our General English language course takes your prior level of proficiency into account

There’s a Strong Focus on Interaction

When you take virtual English courses at Inforum Education, you’ll become confident in speaking English in a short amount of time. That’s because we focus on communication and interaction in English as a key component of our English course. From day one on, you’ll be speaking in English with your instructor and classmates in order to reinforce the skills you learn. 

Classroom activities will often be completed in groups or pairs, giving students an opportunity to practice listening and speaking, applying new vocabulary and grammar to a variety of situations. With this focus on interaction, getting comfortable with English will happen at a faster pace, enabling you to become fluent in no time!

general English language course
Our focus on interaction enables students to quickly get comfortable speaking English

Receive Regular Counselling from Instructors

Despite the online delivery of courses, Inforum students still benefit from a high level of personalised attention from instructors. Every instructor is a native English speaker with decades of experience teaching English and will work with each and every student to provide support. 

When taking General English language courses, you’ll have face-to-face time with your instructor, where your progress and needs will be assessed to help you advance throughout the course. This level of attention will help you to receive and process valuable feedback, honing in on your areas of improvement to achieve your English learning goals throughout the course.

With a focus on communication and interaction, courses designed for learners of every level and individual attention from dedicated instructors, you’ll become fluent in English sooner than you know.

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