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Aki has studied at Inforum for a long time,improving her English enough to apply for a position on Inforum’s student committee. Aki was very popular around Inforum,very helpfull to all the students who asked lots of questions that  needed answers ,Aki also arranged and attended many activities with the students,she was most popular with the Brazilian students who decided she must be half Japanese and half Brazilian.It all  came to an end and Aki finally had to go home ,back to Japan,Inforum admin staff had a farewell dinner,chatted about her life while in Australia and on the Gold Coast and what she will miss the most.

Aki started crying a week before she left and never stopped.

Inforum has changed the life of many ,given them a new international family and memories that will last a life time.

We all love you Aki,and thanks so much for all you did at Inforum.

          Posted by Di